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Here are some picture showing the developement of a new aquascape :
The initial layout plan :

no. 1 = eleocharis
no. 2 = glosso.
no. 3 = micranthemum micranthemoides + umbrosum
no. 4 = rotala wallichi
no 5. = ludwigia arcuata
no. 6 = dirftwood
no. 7 = anubia nana

This is the 1st day of the aquascape :

The 6th day (plus few more plants):

Right side : rotala among micranthemum :

The 10th day :

glosso up close after 10 days :

driftwood added :

18th day :

Hope it's not too much ...

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I think you are going down the right path, only that the two islands of plants are a bit symmetrical at this point.

I believe this tank needs:

1) break the symmetry of the two islands
2) break it by changing the sizes of your two mounds or through the use of hardscaping (driftwood branches, rock).
3) A more effective midground... again, driftwood or rock would help greatly. Your midground area needs to be connected to your foreground area. Right now, it'll probably grow in with tall plants in the back, short plants in the front, and nothing inbetween...

Hope this helps and others chime in,


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Carlos said it, the layout is so symetrical that you even put the same shape driftwood on both sides of the glosso. Search the forum for the "golden triangle", "optical center", or maybe the "rule of thirds" or something similar.

As far as the plants go I would get in there and start topping and replanting the stems now to try to bring out a bushy 'even' appearance to the different stands of plants. This is something I'm still learning to do myself.
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