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the Fertilator - this is the nicest ferts calculator i have seen...

it works out relative concentrations based on tank size, and also how the different compounds compound the dosage, so if you add kno3 ( saltpeter ) for nitrates and kcl ( no salt ) for potassium, it works out the actual concentration of k from them both, really nice!

for my 50g tank with commonly found compounds, it recommends:

1 teaspoon kno3 ( saltpeter ) for nitrates and potassium
2 drops nah2po4 ( fleet enema / lenolax ) for phosphates ( worked out with 4 drops = 1ml )
0.3 teaspoons of mgco3 ( climbing chalk ) for magnesium
3 teaspoons of caso4 ( plaster of paris ) for calcium

this will give me a relative concentration of:

no3 ( nitrates ) = 16.85 ppm recommended 10-20
p04 ( phosphates ) = 1.8 ppm recommend 0.5-2
k ( potassium ) = 10.62 ppm recommended 10-20
ca ( calcium ) = 13.57 ppm recommended 10-30
mg ( magnesium ) = 3.05 ppm recommended 2-5

that sounds so much easier than all the other complicated pmdd recipes i have seen.

i am just worried about adding climbing chalk and plaster of paris to my tank, i do not want a milky mess, any tried this before?

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CaSO4 and MgCO3 are sufficiently souble to dissolve in your tank at the concentrations required; however, I wouldn't use plaster of paris or climbing chalk in my aquarium. These are naturally mined products and may contain lots of unwanted impurities. In fact I would not use fleet enema / lenolax as well without checking out the label to make sure that the only thing in it is KHPO4.

That being said, if you insist on using these things you should check them out in a small scale first. Try making a 2 gal batch in a bucket to see how it works.
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