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The Hillbilly Homebrew Hour

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Well, maybe I lied just a little. This is certainly going to take more than an hour, it may best be described as a series. Welcome to this weeks episode.

To set things up, I have been without a tank for almost twenty years. College, raising three children, a couple of residence changes, and a change in career helped keep me busy. But in the last two years, I have acquired and set up two tanks. One, a 29g at home. And two, a 55g in my office. Both are/were planted. The 55 still stands in my office, but I put the 29 up for adoption. That brings us to the real subject of this thread.

You see Martha(who has some strange affinity for me) agreed, in what she certainly looks back on as a temporary lapse of sanity, to allow a larger tank in the house. "You can have it if it will fit right there", she said. I dwelled on the possibilities for a few days, and decided that "Ol Monday" and I could transform our allotted space into 125g of pure paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Ol Monday.

We used to have an intimate relationship, but not so much anymore. I divorced her for a pencil shortly after college. We still have a friendly relationship, and she agrees to help with demolition and a small amount of construction.

In what I thought was an impressive strategical move, I begin while Martha was away at a baby shower. I'll have this roughed out and she will be able to better understand the big scheme of things much better when she returns. Well, we had a few delays during this phase, my pencil boy biceps not being the least.

I get the paneling down.

And I put Ol Monday to work on this barrier between us and the glory of 125g of pure paradise. Martha walks in to find this.

And with a notable quiver in her voice exclaims, "Oh my God, what have you done to my house?"
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Great thread! I had to subscribe. You've got guts. With my wife, I would have been killed on Tuseday right after I set Ol' Monday down ;)
And Welcome.
Thanks! I've been here a while. I have just never posted. Niko pointed to the thread on another forum that I frequent, but it was your handiwork that brought me out of hiding.

I'm still trying to figure out where I can build an inwall setup. Keep it up! I need some good ideas for my "dying days" :slywink:
One day my wife came home to find that I had talked a backhoe operator who was working on a new construction site just down the street from us to dig a 2,000 gallon hole for my koi pond. It only cost me $25 for the hole, for a few minutes after she got home I thought it might cost me a whole lot more.
I would try that too, but there's no possible way I could get a full size backhoe into my back yard with the close proximity of my neighbor's houses.
1 - 3 of 206 Posts
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