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The Hillbilly Homebrew Hour

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Well, maybe I lied just a little. This is certainly going to take more than an hour, it may best be described as a series. Welcome to this weeks episode.

To set things up, I have been without a tank for almost twenty years. College, raising three children, a couple of residence changes, and a change in career helped keep me busy. But in the last two years, I have acquired and set up two tanks. One, a 29g at home. And two, a 55g in my office. Both are/were planted. The 55 still stands in my office, but I put the 29 up for adoption. That brings us to the real subject of this thread.

You see Martha(who has some strange affinity for me) agreed, in what she certainly looks back on as a temporary lapse of sanity, to allow a larger tank in the house. "You can have it if it will fit right there", she said. I dwelled on the possibilities for a few days, and decided that "Ol Monday" and I could transform our allotted space into 125g of pure paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Ol Monday.

We used to have an intimate relationship, but not so much anymore. I divorced her for a pencil shortly after college. We still have a friendly relationship, and she agrees to help with demolition and a small amount of construction.

In what I thought was an impressive strategical move, I begin while Martha was away at a baby shower. I'll have this roughed out and she will be able to better understand the big scheme of things much better when she returns. Well, we had a few delays during this phase, my pencil boy biceps not being the least.

I get the paneling down.

And I put Ol Monday to work on this barrier between us and the glory of 125g of pure paradise. Martha walks in to find this.

And with a notable quiver in her voice exclaims, "Oh my God, what have you done to my house?"
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The crowd demands an update!!!
LOL Bert.
1 ringy dingy, 2 ringy di

Hello, thank you for calling HHH, this is Chuck speaking, can I help you?

"This is Bert H from APC, is intothenew around?"

Awe, wow man, this is cool. Bert H from APC, the coolest mod, at least that's what they say around here. HEY WILBERT, COME HERE MAN, I GOT BERT H ON THE PHONE.
Uh, sorry, I get excited easy. Naw, him and Martha are headed for their 31st celeb tonight, he left early. I'll see him tho, I date this real hotty that's kin to him somehow and we are invited to dinner. Sumpin' I can do for ya?

"Sure, just tell him I called."

Yea man, I will. Hey, while I got you on here, they promised all of us in the stockroom x-ray glasses from the APC catalog when the plant points got up high enuff. Man, I've seen that boat load that you carry around. Think ya can help us out?

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i think i have ol mondays uncle. although i did not destroy a wall i was searching craigslist one day and found a stand, canopy tank package the size of 180 gallons for only 500 bucks. so i bought it, took it home and said to myself two things ''my wife is going to kill me'' and ''where am i going to put this tank in my 700sq ft one bedroom apartment?''
Naw, him and Martha are headed for their 31st celeb tonight, he left early.
Congrats on 31 yrs. Especially since you mangled a giant hole in her living room!!!
I would just like to note for the record:
Congrats on thirty-one

It is 12:48 here in the frosty mitten

I stopped by after posting the berried shrimp shot
with the brand new technology to see if
R & D, Artsy-Fartsy and Accounting had settled
their differences or whatever is holding up

. . . and I have a test in photog tomorrow morning

It is 2010 already, somebody give Production something to do!
Thank you, that is all. [insert tapping-foot emotie here]
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[insert tapping-foot emotie here]
Its as if we are all just being ignored....
I think we are. :noidea:
Must be a whale of a celebration. :partyman:
::::::::::Crickets chirping:::::::::::::
::::::::::Crickets chirping:::::::::::::
I don't even hear crickets any more... :rolleyes:
Your fans want you to start hammering walls instead of Mrs IntoTheNew for a while, chief. ;)
bump..........bump...............bump.........bump i'll knock next time
Maybe there was an accident with Ol' Monday?
Coommeee baaaccckkk! I need my Hillbilly Homebrew updates!
Lets face it guys.... the network canceled the show. :pout: was a great read though.

Any chance of re-run? :prayer:
if he aint got it done in two years it aint ever gonna get done
Seems the crickets have left the job as well. Were they union or was it global warming?
Maybe if we're lucky Intothenew will release the whole series to Hulu or Snagfilms.
I vote Snagfilms; despite the action-adventure nature of the series, it still
qualifies as a documentary, or at least a docu-drama.

Anyone up for a road-trip to Sundance Film festival? We could make it a leisurely
summer road-trip out of it; maybe end up in Black Rock city. No one has ever done
an Aquarium project at Burning Man that I am aware of. :flame:
Or maybe we should search Roswell, AZ?
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