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Hmmmmm, just how am I going to talk my way out of this one?

The dog ate the script.

I doubt that one will hold up. From the size of Sweet Pea and the size of the embellished scripts, I don't think many would believe that she could handle it.

The Imelda Marcos shoe closet.

Although Martha surely has enough inventory to pull this one off, it just wouldn't hold without a link to the "HeelsRus" forum documenting the ordeal.

The truth.

Let's try that one. Several worldly opportunities have graced our lives in the past months, wonderful and fulfilling opportunities. Martha and I are not spring chickens, so when these arose the discussion was short and concise as to our path. The team has been away from HHH central for over half of the last eighteen months. But, there has been progress. It's just that the writers are off reveling in the past at the moment.
I assure those that have been following along, that the passion is still there. Finished? Truth be known, are we ever finished? We'll get the writers sober and cleaned up soon.
201 - 206 of 206 Posts
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