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THE Ideal Regulator......

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Here is a new regulator we will have up on the site this week. The regulator consist of a few new components.

Cornelius Regulator body, Ideal valve, Clippard check-valve under bubble counter and Burkert solenoid. This regulator will be up on the site within 2-3 days time along with a few other new cool tools of the trade..

Best Regards, Orlando

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Hi Orlando,

Very nice looking regulator / solenoid / valve combination. I use the Ideal 52-1-12 needle valves and they are excellent, the bubble count never varies and I have never worried about a "tank dump". Will it be available without a solenoid?
Thats a good question Roy, I think we will have to make one without a solenoid as well now that you mention it.
How do you have yours hooked up?
Also how is your bubble counter set up? :)
Hi Orlando,

I have an "in line" bubble counter now, that was one of the things I was admiring about yours!
Cool! Thanks :) It is a cool bubble counter configuration, the Clippard check valves really work well for this setup.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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