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i thought i had a journal for my 75, oh it goes!

i got rid of my 125 due to moving sometime this year and it was going to be to hard to well..move it! i got a 75. on top of that my parents moved too so i basicly combined both into this

75 gal tank
Catalina T5 HO light, 3 54W-1 10k, 1 85k & 1 actinic
compressed co2
fluval 405 filtration, no carbon
flora max mixed with eco complete substrate & bottom has iron rich red clay dolomite and mouriate of potash

Cryptocoryne Balansae "Red"
C. Cordata Var. Blassi
C. Cordata var. Rosainberg (white veins)
C. Cordata var. who knows...some cordata hybrid..
C. Nurii, descendents from Ghanzafar Ghori's Tissue Culture Effords! Big thanks to him!!
C. Nurii Panghang "mutated"
C. Usteriana
C. Dwarf-unidentified..
Anubias sp "Gasser"
Anubia Gigantea
Anubia Coffefolia
Nuphar Japonica
Trident Java Fern
Narrow leaf Java Fern
Echinodorus Aflame
Echinodorus spp
Hygrophila Corymbosa "Angustifolia"
Hygrophila sp. "Araguaia"
Aponogeton Crispus
Hygrophila Corymbosa "siamesis"
Ludwigia Arcuata
Ludwigia Pilosa

Silver TipTetras
Misc Tetras
Bushy nose plecos
Clown plecos, panaque maccus
L 180 ancistrus
Marbled Sailfin Pleco
Corydoras Paleatus
Appistograma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash"
Apistogrammas-wild collected from Peru by a friendl-Bateiana and Agazassi

you might notice a blue hue in the tank, one of the lights burned out and the only thing i had was an was actinic bulb. Actinic are not really used in planted tanks but i was asking around in APC (aquatic plant central) and i got an interesting answer. anyone interested in learning something can check it out here: ... tinic.html and together with an 85k (plant grow) and 10k looks fine in my tank

what do you guys think? how is it looking??


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wow nice tank! love all the crypts, one of my fav species! how long did it take you to grow all thos C. Nurii in the first pic on the 2nd post??? i just got some like a month+ ago and just got my first runner ha! thanks!

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thanks Sketch, crypts are my fav too because they grow in my tanks lol!
i got that nurii at the beggining of the year so around 6-8 months but they have been disturbed, moved from another tank, i sold some plantlets..tank crash lol many things so just be patient on yours =)

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it has been a while but is time to put some pictures up! moved within the last year, twice.. but now the 75 has settled enough that i can actually show some pics :D

a shot a few months ago and one from last week as well as my fab fishes and my C usteriana flowering again


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WOW, its been more than 3 years since my last update..
shame me!

here is one update to my tank :)
Two moves later, lost many plants, co2 leaked, light burned..many things have happened by the 75 survives!


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