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the rescape

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here are the pics since I got the new plants from you guys and a trimming so to speak...

Plant list

Dwarf Lobelia
Anubias pettite nana
red rubin sword
hygro compacta
limnophilia aromtaica
red lotus
Ludwiga cuba
rotala vietnam
java fern
crypt parva?

Thanks to everyone for the plants I had a great time at the meeting.
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it got the green algae infection so it went bye bye
it got the green algae infection so it went bye bye. I am hoping th downoi will do better now.
No its some kinda crypt I am hoping "Parva" a small foreground crypt. Its a rhizome plant.
rotala vietnam (i think) it was left at the meeting so.... When I got it it had a red stem and yellowish fine leaves
yea thats what it looks like I hope it is b/c I have always wanted some soo.. cross my fingers.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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