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Has anybody out thee ever use a Product called TheraP. Just happen to scan over Dr. Foster & Smith and can across TheraP. According to its description:
"Reduces enviromental stress on fish by improving dissolve oxygen levels with aerobic bacteria.
Digests organic wastes, promotes rapid fish growth, and supports a healthy immune system, so fish
are less susceptable to disease. TheraP is not a chemical and is harmless to humans, fish, and
plants. Contains nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria. 16 oz treats 65 galons aquarium for over 34 weeks."

I copied the product description form Dr Foster & Smith product catalog magazine... .. anyway.... I obvisouly see it contains bacteria.

The question i"m asking is has anybody out there ever used this and actually saw anysignicant results. Right now I'm having a bit of issues with excessive organics in my tank due to high bioload from my fish & anoying hairy like algae growth similar to moss balls ( growing on my filter outlet spray bar and slow growing plants)... or this is just another witches brew....

To me... it just seems all this product is only adding beneficial bacteria.... like trying to get your tank cycled.

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