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thinking of a combo of fish. what do you think?

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I have a 46gal bow front. I'm converting to lots of plants. once i've got my plant situation leveled out and I can put fish in I was thinking of 2 angles (aprox 4-6"), 2 clown loaches (aprox 3-5"), and a couple of different sharks,( aprox 4-6").
I'd like to know if these fish will live with plants and each other?
I have had this combo before, but they were smaller and I haven't ever had the plants that i'm about to convert to.
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Well, usually two Angels never work well, unless you can purchase a confirmed breeding pair. Angels should either be one only - or a larger group so that aggression can be dispersed.

Also, all the fish you mentioned are in the 4" - 6" category; I find this can make a tank look crowded and smaller. When choosing fish I like to intentionally vary their ultimate sizes. One at 4", one group in the 3" range and something smaller around 2" - 1 1/2". Then I also like to select species that occupy different levels of the tank. Upper water column, mid swimmers, and bottom dwellers.

Schooling fish look ultra cool following and chasing each other thru the plant stems. Trigonostigma hengeli is in my top 5 favorites:

For bottom dwellers, if you like loaches, I'd much prefer the Dwarf Chain Loach over the Clown. Clowns get much, much too large for anything smaller than a 75g!!!
Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki - Dwarf Loach:

Another great and very personable bottom dweller for planted tanks are Dwarf Cichlids - my favorites - like the Apistogramma cacatuoides:
You could put one male Cockatoo with two or three females to make a harem. However, do not mix the Apistogrammas with the loaches: they will annoy each other immensely.

For the mid water, either Emperor Tetras or Cherry Barbs are both colorful, medium sized and have interesting behaviors.
General Fish Link:

If you really love shark-like fish, you could also add S.A.E., Siamese Algae Eaters. These would do some useful work for a plant tank, instead of just being ornery.

Welcome to the Aquatic Plant Central! Good luck w/ your new project. I also keep a planted 46g bowfront tank.
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I agree that you would have much too large a load on a tank that size with those choices.

You could opt for a few angels, and compliment them with a few smaller bottom dwellers and/or other smaller schooling fish.

Good luck! :)
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