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This dang internet thing is gonna get me in trouble!!!!!

You mentioned a drop checker.... so I went and looked up Drop Checkers on here.... and then I started reading more about DIY Co2..... and then I read this:

The creative juices of McGyverisms smacked me in the head.....

Saint Marie, Patroness Saint of All Hair Brained Schemes is DEFINITELY going to roll her eyes at me when she comes home tonight..... :snakeman:
Hah!!! Just make sure you use a brewer's yeast. I have made a couple batches of DYI CO2-wine. Using the usual ingrdients it was pretty rough (very yeasty), but stepping things up a notch and using carbon filtration later hte end result wasn't all that bad. But since then I got tired of it and don't do CO2 anymore.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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