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Aww, crap no. I was all ready to bake a glue cake in my easy-bake topped
with imported Wisconsin cheese & FedEx it to ya. Guess I'll have to study
for my three tests today instead.

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Yeaaaa glue isnt going to fix that :) Such a large tank will put a lot of pressure on the glass walls so I doubt a sealant will hold it together safely.
In the interest of "telling your friend the brutal but necessary truth" I'm with Zapins on this one.
You are already too vested in a rockin tank to set yourself up for a disappointment,
you can easily, if tediously, fix on the front end. We are a patient bunch, we will wait.
There are many more folks who will read this a year from now, than are currently.

When I saw your fancy prop, I threw back my head and laughed. Then I had to take
a second look to make sure it was a mallet, not a sledge. BTW, you have a splendid
crop of crud growing, well done.

By the time you read Zapins & my posts, you will have glued yourself back together
and our posts will be nothing more than community support. Off to scrap some green
crud off my tank-with-a-view, so I can see the blizzard I am hoping cancels class again.

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As mentioned before i will be using a topsoil base
and following the "au natural" route. I am not opposed to DIY CO2.
(I added it to my little 2.5 gal tank and now I can SEE my fish and plants
and the lotus just went absolutely bonkers.)

So ummmm..... Uhhhh.... does anyone feel like sending out trimmings?
Post a list. Most of what I have is grow-out at this time.
Marble size Marimos
Cryptocoryne Lutea; two-leaf to 2"
Radican Marble Queen top: harvested about two weeks ago?
About 2.5" diameter

Future availability: Ludwigia arcuata
Gotta be up-front about this Ludwigia; I bought three or four stem bunches,
nice and full. Transplant shock got them, they lost their leaves and
littered three tanks. In disgust, I only attempted to save the stems
showing promising top growth and at least a tap root.
Of those saved, they are jammed into the gravel up to the new growth
& putting down new roots along the bare stem junctures. S l o w going.

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Thumbs up to "Buy Local", 'Nuff said.

Why have we not crossed paths on FB? I am a member
of a couple of aqua-related groups there. Other than
an aqua-plant vendor, I have yet to find any serious hobbyists, unlike here.

Edit: I scraped my history/cookies/et all yesterday, so today when I logged
in, I could not even get to my own Journal the regular way. When I posted
this, I somehow never saw the unveiling. Very nice; I love the centering
of the tank under the peak, frames it & makes it's own little showcase.

P.S. Better take good care of Ms. Saint Of-Patience & Hair-brained-Schemes;
she is a keeper.

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Ummmm.... find a string of regular old Christmas lights and drill holes in your fixture and plug them in the holes? It would look funny though with all those wires on the outside of the fixture. Just throwin' it out there to maybe spark another idea...
Not if an artfully arranged cornice molding could be fab'd.

I waited patently. All during finals week I occupied myself by moving
a blog & fighting with code for an old blog. I see it was worth the wait.
I am a fan of the minimalist look; however in this case I cannot wait to
see what the grow-out produces.

Here is my Christmas present to you, play around with this "geek toy"
and see how your dream fauna for that tank might work.
I'd be interested to know and so would the author of the toy.

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Hey Gipsy. :) ..... I am looking for the overgrown jungle look.
Me too. Just about the time I will be:
a) fighting frustration over the ArtPrize considerations or
b) leaving it behind in dispair over cost
This tank will be a growing jungle to cheer me up

I love the new toy. Thanks for the Christmas gift! You have me curious as to who the author is however. I found it interesting that it wouldn't work in firefox and I had to switch over to IE to get it to work. It's quite interesting the results.
My pleasure, I am not the author, just one of the old school geeks who loves it when
other old school geeks program for us. It works in my FireFox 3.latest version.

LFS has some marbled hatchets.... I think My hood is sealed tighly enough
I was going to suggest "egg crate" plastic grating as your hinged hood would hide
it resting on the interior rim; however as an extra precaution you might wish to stretch a
piece of tulle netting over-top of the egg crate. I do not think I have ever had hatchets,
so the netting could not hurt. Saint Marie, patroness of hair-brained schemes might like
to consult on this one, she is sure to know what tulle is.

I'm also starting to have an issue with this brown "goo" ...
Diatom my friend. All that silica based everything from glass to sealer products provides
luxury accommodations for it/them. These too shall pass, eventually.

Re: Champagne Yeast sponge; Um, I just did my yeast sponge for the shrimparium last night,
I heard belching from somewhere close by.
Next thing I know I have fog in the shrimparium. I speedily removed it from the filter,
looked at the shoulder of the bottle that was supposed to be clear for head-room, um no.
I had sponge making it's way all the way to the check valve, 3-4 feet away from the bottle.
I loosened the cap, cleaned out the tube, put it on the planted, same thing. I ended up
having to position the sponge above the tank so pressure would keep the sponge
from migrating again. As I look at it now, 24hrs later, still cannot move it.
I'm just saying.

I make homemade, organic Ginger Ale.
Want the recipe, please. And I might add, a previous hysterical laughing fit threatened
to erupt again.

Well.... the last bottle I opened (with the Champagne yeast)..... heh... Hehhh... heh.....
This is why Saint Marie has earned her pedestal in my hall of fame of tolerant women
right next to Mrs. IntoTheNew.

Also.... I got a WILD hair up my butt yesterday, and swapped the furniture in the two rooms involved in this project, and decorated... set up lamps.... All that good stuff. Dear Marie came home.... walked in.... and LITERALLY..... for the FIRST time ever.... was ACTUALLY SPEECHLESS! The first thing she did was ask me if I have a fever. The second thing she said was "Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?"
See previous comment.

The couch, rather the color of the couch made the finished room project.
I'll admit to some skepticism re: the beam treatment. However, the couch tied it in
very well.
Go buy Miss Marie something very pretty that she can show
off and brag about. [thought for sure this was the board with the champagne cork popping]

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I am beginning to suspect someone in your direct line of antecedents is
related to mine. Gotta love those Polish women, most of the old schoolers
are just like Martha, without the cash, jail time or tv show.
Half of SW Jersey is related to me in some way as is
the population of Philly. Nesgodas, Nietzgodkas, Duczkowskis and a
few others I have yet to nail down. We will leave Duluth MN alone
as they have populated three states.

So you are running one(?) 1g for a 90g tank? And are you using a drop checker?

P.S. My apt smells like a flippin distillery; yeast concoctions, bread baking
and a few bananas that did not make it into banana bread.

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Yeah, I was nosing around in that same thread. I am interested in
anonapersona's gelatin recipe; however upon reading the updates
this morning, I ran across your cider. That got me thinking about
the kombucha I made last summer and the ginger pop, er soda recipe.

I am not sure kombucha fermented ginger tea would produce enough CO(2)
to be useful to my tanks; however it might be a passable addition
to an established DIYCO(2) rig. I will have to wait until after the
first of the year to purchase a mother fungus as mine acquired
red-slime. My fault entirely; I had the fermenting jar too close
to the kitchen sink, a slow leak from some pipe undetected for months,
spoiled the mother.
I should have known better; with our iron rich water,
we have an irritating red-slime problem constantly in the bathroom
if we do not hit every porcelain surface with a chlorinated product,
regularly. It does not help that the dissolved calcium & salts trap
that junk, requiring a jack-hammer to remove it.

P.S. Try not to push your luck with Saint Marie, the holiday glow of
a newly decorated room will eventually wear off and it is a loooooog
way to February at this time ;)


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As expected.... I got a massive eye roll from Saint Marie.... :rolleyes:
I think I'm safe this time, because she likes the eventual results . . .
I have managed to seamlessly meld two hobbies together......
The Us Military has what they call the "MOAB". Their love for
anachronisms is humorous. MOAB Stands for Mother Of All Bombs.
I'll let ya'all know how it works out!!!!!! See what you started Gipsy!?!?
Moab is doubly humorous as there is another meaning. The biblical story of the
tribes called Moab and Ammon prove to have exactly the same effect upon the
Israelites over a period of time. A google search result for "moab bible" will
return a listing on the second page by an A.P. freelancer who gives a
synoptic version with references. I will leave military intelligence alone as
I was a proud Navy Mom and granddaughter.
I'll cop to inspiring two synaptic paths to fire in conjunction in
the brain of one RestlessCrow; who I note, needs no provocation by me.

I saw that curious curly apparatus in the cork last night; so that is the
air lock. If I had had one of those gadgets, my CO2 line would not
have been so hard to clean; however a loop of air line will suffice, temporarily.
There is a permanent plug of sponge in the lower end of my check valve
compressing the filter material.
I am kicking myself for not listening to my gut and purchasing the
two gang valves on my list. The re-thought plan will be;
one gelatin CO2, one sourdough sponge CO2 and a Ginger
Kombucha tea per tank, theoretically evening out the overall
output of available CO2 with staggered starts.

Let me just conclude with this thought; should the MOAB prove to live up
to it's potential, you will have tested and proved the theory regarding
"testing the patience of a saint" one way or the other. Either you will
have a snappy recycling system keeping everyone happy or the reservations
with regard to the tank patch will become moot.

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Tex.... A LOT of the things I do.... I do because nobody told me I COULDN'T do them.... That and because I think it would be cool. :biggrin: Kinda like my hood lift mechanism..... (See pictures a few pages back....) .... :biggrin:
Ditto RestlessCrow.
My Dad never actually let me do anything therefore, I never learned
anything. I did get very used to listening to lectures.

RC: Pear.

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My first batch of Ginger ale was very light and delicious, Thanks.
Seems my out-of-the-fridge time produces a very dry bevie.
Have not added it to the DIY rig yet as I had to move the
whole fish rack again. Five hours I could have been studying . . . sheesh.

The jello DIYCO2 works differently than the straight sponge method.
It does not produce the initial foamy muck everyone gets all freaked about;
slower acting & more controlled I think.

What is the decision for the next MOB batch? I've ripened some pears for mine.

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Wait, wait, hang on there for a sec. I think you really only need to swap one.
I have an Ultra Sun T8 6500k and a Flora-Glo T8 2800k. The Ultra Sun is smiliar
to your two T8s; the Flora-Glo is specifically recommended for a planted tank and
is designed to work with the other even though they are different manufacturers.
According to the spectrum chart on the Flora-Glo you could jack the K up to
the next step which would be 18,000k BUT I would not as you and I have the
same algae issues. In other words I am suggesting replacing one hot/yellow
tube with one cooler tube. I bought the Flora for the plants; I bought the
Ultra for the fish, inverts and me.

My two tank setup is admittedly shallower than your one but I have raised the
level of the fixture and that has slowed the algae down. I have added an
olive nerite from one plant shipment and have tigers and a zebra nerite on order.
The lone olive is working his way slowly around the planted, so I believe
we are on the right track here. With your sq footage, you will need a tribe
of nerites, suggested population is min 1 per gal of water, research has indicated.
They do not reproduce in fresh water, so you will have to buy your tribe.
I suggest waiting until a week from Monday in deference to Miss Marie.

Cannot advise anything of practical experience for loaches as I have employed
the natural predatory instincts of the female betta for pond snail reduction.

With regard to shooting the tanks; I bought a polarizing filter for my cam,
I am almost regretting not buying a yellow first as it seems everywhere I shoot
I get yellow cast as a result of interior lighting. IF you have a manual setting,
get to know it intimately. Not assuming anything regarding your photog skills,
shoot everything, at every setting, and keep a run sheet until you are satisfied
with the raw shots.
Then go into Photoshop or GIMP and adjust color temperature, contrast, et cetera.
One last note, the crazy part is; I get the easiest, best results with the two
incandescent bulbs one hot and one cool, that came with the LBBPS hood.
Nice soft lighting, not much fooling with the settings, f5.6 at somewhere between

Cryptocorynes seem to get all cranky when you move them, then they get over it
and take off under good circumstances, in my experience.

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The short{er} answers;
yes, in your case three

GIMP is not that hard if you have to resort to
the distructions, here is the best tutorial I know of:

You may have all the product of the "storm of the century"
as I am on a train in an hour.
We would not have received a snow-day anyway;
good thing the Prof was planning on us being
out of class today.
Carry on . . .

P.S. Buy dark chocolate
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