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This is why Nurii is HOT!

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I've seen a handful of Nuriis but it wasnt until I grew one out that I discovered why this plant is hot. I finally got the leaves to start growing faster than they melted. Oldest leaves are 3 months old and am now growing at a rate of about 1 leaf every 2-3 weeks. I am up to a few plantlets but I can't wait until I have a nice thicket of it.

Mother plant

New Leaf unfurling, about 2 week in the making, note the bright pink underside

A mature leaf, slightly under exposed and then slightly overexposed

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Pretty. Looks alot like c. rosanervig.
Are you sure that is C. nuri? It looks a lot like a cordifolia.
Are you sure that is C. nuri? It looks a lot like a cordifolia.
Just shy of having a spathe I don't know how the leaves could look any more like nurii.
I don't see how the leaves could look any more like C. cordata.
Well whatever it is, everyone seems to love it! :D
sort of looks like the balassii I have. Very pretty plant you have. I appreciate purples in my plants.
Beautiful plant, but looks more as cordata blassii.

This is one in my tank.
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my blassii takes a few weeks to grow a leaf. drives me bananas but at least it is starting to look good.
This is why blassii is hot?

Before you all said something I had not seen c.c. blassii with such striped leaves. The plant I posted was given to me under the name of C. nurii but perhaps I was confused. My bad.
Agreed, blassii is a real looker! I got a few plants of it as a gift from a hobbyist on here, and it's one of my favorite plants in the tank.
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