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Threadfin Rainbow help needed

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I must have the most picky eaters in the world. I have had a few disappear (assume die) over the last month since I got them. What do you feed your Threadfin Rainbows?
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I feed mine crushed flake, crushed New Life pellets, Hikari micro pellets, frozen brine shrimp.
They seem happy to eat anything small enough, they have never been picky.
I do find them to be particularly susceptible to disease though:(
I have tried crushed flakes, cyclop-eeze, and fozen daphnia. I do my best to crush the flakes into pulverized dust. They mostly just stare at the food as if they don't know what to do with it.
Just crushed flakes here too. They have to be eating something to still be alive
When I first got mine, I put them in a bare bottom qt tank. They were quite skittish, and didn't want to eat at first, but would pick the food off the bottom at night when they felt more secure. A few days of that, and they got excited about feeding time.

I don't know if that is relevant or useful info for you, but it's all I got;)
Good luck.
Up till today, they were in a bare bottom 10 gal QT tank. I have a 40 breeder cycling so I was hoping to leave them in the 10 gal tank, but I have a sick fish that needed QT. So I moved the Threadfins into an established, but unscaped tank. There are a few plants but nothing major. I'm hoping the larger tank with a few plants may stimulate their appetite.
it may be a water issue. if fish dont act normally and you've varied everything else, it probably environmental conditions. i'd check your water parameters. perhaps all that crushed uneaten food is doing a number on the quality of water.

you may want to invest some time in culturing some live baby brine or daphnia until they'll accept something else. baby brine is a great food all around anyways and would be good to feed any fish. adult brine not so much.

Mine couldn't eat the hikari micro pellets at first... I fed them crushed up flake food and hikari's frozen daphnia (smaller than the other brands I have tried). I also buy 20% more fish than I want to end up with... seems like some always just waste away.
I fed mine pulverized Spectrum pellets and was unsure during the whole time that I had them if they were eating them. Mine bread and produced fry! All the fry but one were eaten by a trifasciata that I'd put in their tank (gave up on breeding them about the same time they decided to breed). The one fry lasted about 4 weeks = (

R.I.P. Frank (Sinatra)
I also feed mine Hikari micro pellets.
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