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While a large user base is good, quality from the user base is even more important. I am happy to say that as we have grown in size we have also kept and even improved the quality that APC is known for. I'd like to thank all the members for keeping the number of frivolous "Me Too" type posts low. This is hard to do and it takes a bit of forethought. When posting, always ask yourself, does my post add anything or am one of the crowd jumping on a bandwagon.

Thanks to all of you that have helped APC grow and become a repository for the collective knowledge of it members. All the support staff, admins and mods, are always open to your thoughts and ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us with comments or suggestions.

It is with your help and spirit of community that APC will grow to bigger and better heights.

Thanks for your continued support.
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