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Time to do some pruning?

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I noticed this when browsing through aquabid. Guess someone forgot to prune his java moss eh? I thought it was funny as heck
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LOL I can't even see that mine is growing.... must've taken awhile to swamp those poor fishies!
I can never grow java moss, it's hard for me :( But I have my eye on that auction ^_^
My java moss grows like a weed. Many other things die on me, but java moss is one tough cookie to kill! Ever since I got a better light, and am at about 3.7 wpg, the java moss and a crypt sp have really taken off. I could easily see java moss overgrowing a ten gallon tank
I just got some and am hoping it does better this time. Up to a 55 watt pc over a 20L vs the 20 watt flourescent that came with it.
It looks to me that I need more lighting, I have 2.75wpg and have dwarf hairgrass in the tank. Although I am going to setup a tank to grow java moss, and raise fry.
Java moss will survive about any condition but it thrives teh best in high light/CO2 conditions. It does notreally seem to care much about other nutrients although I have heard mosses like PO4, but maybe htat jsut keeps away some of the algae. Heck, my java pearls in a 10gallon with 30wattws NO and 30ppm Co2.
Hey peeps, I got another one for ya! If ya though the 10 gallon nearly full was bad, check out this sucker! A 55 gallon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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