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Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor- another simple option

Hi Guys

Love this forum, particularily this thread. Just joined today.

I have just started getting into the world of planted aquariums Just build my first tank and put some basic plants now.

Made a DIY co2 with 2 litre pepsi bottle a bubble counter with a half litre pepsi bottle, 2 cups sugar & half teaspoon yeast and was looking for the best way to diffuse the Co2 into my tank.

Initially i got confused, as some make diffusers using the output of the filter and some make using the input of the submerged filter.

This thread got me all sorted out, even i feel this is the best way to diffuse it. (But still waiting for the results)

Just made my first reacter using my existing filter, absolutely no modifications needed to that.

My filter is a regular submerged filter with the sponge in 2 removabale plastic portions below the powerhead. The plastic casing has these vertical gaps which dont let small fishes get sucked in. Right in the middle area of the sponge there is a vertical hole going all the way to the powerhead. It also has a place ( i guess venturi) where i can place a tube and it will create bubbles pulled from outside.

So what i did was open the bottom sponge casing and inserted the tube between the gap in the plastic casing and then connected a regular airstone and inserted it into the center hollow area between the sponge and then closed all back in. ( No making holes nothing)

It gives me perfect micro bubbles from the outlet, didnt even have to fix a sponge. Guess i wont fit a sponge as it might not look so neat in my setup. The bubbles are literrally sprayed to the other end of the tank.

Every 1.5 seconds i can hear a small sound and then a bubble spray.

Ps: Another thing that i have noticed, that i would like to bring to your attentin is this;

I inserted the co2 tube into the pumps venturi hole which you normally do to areate the tank and even in that it was giving me perfect bubbles every 1.5 seconds spraying into the tank.

Bubble spray wise there was absolutely no differrence when i connected it to the pumps air intake (venturi) or when i connected the tube with a stone inside the filter.

Maybe if someone dont want to get into too much DIY as in making holes and inserting the tube from the bottom of their filter; i guess they can simply just insert the tube into the aldready existing air hole of any filter pump.

What is your take on this guys?

Right now as i have inserted the tube though the bottom, i have a tube connected but plugged in with an air control which if i open then oxygen also will be dispersed along with the C02 bubbles.

My first question is: Should i also open the valve so that oxygen is also distributed along with the CO2.

Second question: By when should i start seeing some changes in the plants?

381 - 381 of 381 Posts