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Tips on fine tuning pressurized CO2?

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I set up a pressurized co2 system on my 38g this weekend. I was just wondering what I should set as a bubble per second rate. I had it at one per second, but it seemed like my fish wouldn't be able to take that much co2 so I turned it down to around a bubble per 3 seconds. Should I turn it back up to my original rate and let my fish adjust or should I keep it where I am at. Or is there any way to tell what I should set it at.
My tank specs are

Roughly 3wpg, 96 watt 6700k bulb in pc

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You need to get a drop checker, fill it with 4 dKH distilled or deionized water, and use it to determine if you have enough CO2 in the water. With that much light if you are close to 30 ppm of CO2 you will have fewer problems with algae. The bubble rate just allows you to maintain a steady flow of CO2, and reset it to that same flow when you have shut off the CO2 for some reason. Other than that it has no real significance.
Thanks for the reply.
I agree with Hoppy. My 38 gallon takes AT LEAST 1 bps to keep the drop checker green with the CO2 hooked up to a powerhead. I also have two HOB filters which provide a good bit of surface agitation, though.
I set mine at 1 bps, and then adjust accordingly. I would use a drop checker if I wasn't so cheap.:)
To complicate matters, bubble size varies depending on the bubble counter so one person's 1 bps is another person's 2 bps and another person's 1 bubble per 3 seconds.

The only way to make sure you know what's going on is to follow Hoppy's suggestions.

He's mister CO2 drop checker and really knows what he's talking about. :)
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