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'Tis the season

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Interesting plants are already in the puddles, here in Mississippi. We have had frequent rains, and the water table has got right up to the soil surface. I noticed plants in the roadside ditches that I never saw in the summer. One of them is a light green small plant with opposite linear submersed leaves that become oval at the surface. The fact that it has submersed leaves different from its floating leaves means It might be adaptable for the aquarium. Another has small floating leaves. Both these plants are numerous in the puddles, and I have no idea what they are. They are gone in the summer, and that tells me that local aquatic plants may be seasonal. You can't go out in the summer and expect to find all the possible species.

It was raining too hard today to take any pictures, but I will go out tomorrow and look at a number of ponds and ditches and get some pictures. (if it isn't raining too hard tomorrow!)
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Tis' the season

The rain finally stopped, and this bright light source appeared that, after consulting some meteorology texts, we determined is the sun. I got a picture of this unknown plant, which, by the way, is in all the puddles. It must be an early season plant, because I don't see it in the summer. If it isn't raining this weekend, I will visit a lot of ponds and puddles just to see what is there. This time of the year may be a very good time to locate aquatic plants that might be good aquarium plants because, later in the summer they may be gone or may be totally covered over by emergent plants, such as the all too common alligator weed around here.


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