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to much light?!

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its a 95*50*50 cm tank with 6*39w t5's. the cabomba furcata, cabomba aquatica and the ulvaceus are staying very short althogh they have anything they need. do u think its cause the very high intesity?

look here at my ulvaceus
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I do not know but i think it is absolutly stunning. The color of the ulvacus is awesome!. Out of curiosity, What is your GH co2 level KH and PO4/NO3? I can't help you by knowing this but i just want to see how you keep the tank so lush with that amount of light pounding it. Also do you load it up with any type of algae eater?
hi shane thanks
ph about 6.8
kh 5
gh over 20!!!!
no3 - 50ppm
po4 - i dose small amount of po4 but never bother to check the level
algea eaters - 4 sae and about 25 caridina japonica
Two more questions if you dont mind. What type and how much of traces and Iron do you add? Also how do you like the t-5. I just got them available to me and am interest in loading my tank with an extra 78 watts (26 inch fixtures).
as traces i use csm+b and for iron i use gluconate and edta - the gluconate on a daily basis and the edta when my plants ask for it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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