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Tonina sp. Belem, Blyxa japonica, Bacopa sp. 'Pantanal', Anubias Petite for sale!

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5 stems of blyxa for $5

I have many stems/rooted plants of Bacopa sp. 'Pantanal' for $1 each. Just tell me how many you want!

Also have 1 anubias petite for $3.

I also have 4 stems of Tonina sp. 'Belem' for $6.

Plants are from this tank:

Shipping is $5 via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail and orders may be combined. PayPal only, credit cards accepted as well.
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The Tonina is gone, but the Bacopa and Blyxa are still available.

I also have some Limnophila sp. mini as well, 5 stems for $5.
If anyone is interested, you may take the Blyxa, Limonphila sp. 'Mini' and Anubias for $15 shipped.
Haha! What can I say, you guys got sharp eyes! I spend too much time taking care of the tanks that I'm too lazy to take that sticker off. Adds a little to the aesthetics! :rolleyes:
Do you have CO2 in this tank ?
What kind of Light you are using ?
Is that Aquasoil in the bottom ?
Yes, I have CO2 in the tank. Lighting is provided by a single AHS supply 36 watt light. And yes that is aquasoil!

Unfortunately, I am in the process of moving to school so I no longer have anymore plants available for the time being.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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