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I don't know what the coating is on your doors but I'd guess it would somewhat reduce the light reaching your tank. You'll have to observe how the plants react, but I think you should still get enough light to be useful in keeping them healthy.

The blue light in the T5 fixture is actinic and not useful to plants so you'd need to change it out for a bulb that has a temperature between 6500K and 10,000K. I'd start with using the T5 fixture (with three plant appropriate bulbs) and see how that works. You can always add the other light if you need it at a later time when the plants are established and might need a bit of a boost because they can use the light and are growing denser. Watch the plants, see how they grow - if they're stretching for the light/losing lower leaves/not coloring up properly/etc. add the other fixture. If everything is growing fine - don't mess with a good thing! :)

For my tank in front of a south-facing window I have my lights on a timer that turns on about 7am off at noon (the tank still gets indirect light from the window but the tank is much darker like it's under heavy cloud cover) back on around 5pm and off at 10pm. I angle the blinds in the window according to the season and weather, more open in dark cloudy weather and angled to block more light in sunny times. I like to see my tanks in both the morning and evening and that's why I've gone with the split photo period. If you're interested in seeing your tank only in the evening you can have your lights turn on later in the day and use a solid "on" time so you can see the tank when you're home.
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