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My fellow NASH members,

In life, we are always pondering over the meanings of many things. One such thing is friendship. While there are few of us who may actually find answers to these questions by the time we meet the Lord, I believe the incident of Hurricane Ike has made us realize the meaning of friendship by a great margin!

During the agonizing weeks following the hurricane, many of us were still without powers. As such, our tanks suffered, and along also were the plants we were keeping. But all that grief didn't last long, for our dear friends from Dallas, Washington, and Florida reached out with their warming hands. Boxes and boxes of plants were received this and last week, thus speeding up the process for us to restart our tanks. Even though we do not live in the same city or same state, to the friendship that was shown to us, it didn't matter at all. NASH was not alone and will never be, for we have many great friends who showed their supports during and after the hurricane.

NASH would especially like to thank friends from Dallas, Washington, and Florida as well as those from Texas, for their warm and loving supports! It is because of you guys that has made us realized the meaning of friendship many steps closer!

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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