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Hello New Friends,
Right now my family and I are recovering from a tornado that blew trees into one end of our home and crushed much of it. The chimney crashed thru the roof and all that fell into the bedrm and that entire room feel thru the living rm underneath and all that into a rubble pile in the basement. No one was injured. I'm not a fish keeper yet but I have stayed two months in a holiday inn express. The damage to the house rearranged the pieces so much so that I'll have a chance to set up my aquariums in the basement. I was once over twenty years ago, a fishkeeper.

My dream is to have a tank that is 12-18 feet long, and 30" wide and high. That would put it at a bit over 600 gals. It would be planted but heavily planted only in sub areas with rock and drift wood in the other areas.

I look forward to learning from you and sharing ideas and eventually pics of the new monster tank.


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