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Endgin33, You look like you have been doing your research and are off to a good start. You have a lot of questions for one post. That’s probably why you haven’t received a reply yet; it’s a bit overwhelming. Most of your questions can be answered with more research on threads in this forum. A few observations I have after reading your post.

1) Inline reactors work best with inline filters/pumps. Since you have a power head it might be better to just run the CO2 into the input or your power head and let the propeller chop-up and distribute the CO2 around your tank. Or consider making an in-tank power reactor if you want more CO2 dissolved in your tank.

2) You are not able to regulate DIY CO2 with a bubble counter. You should have a bubble counter so you can see current output, but you can’t really regulate DIY down to bubbles per second like you can with a pressurized system. It all depends on your mixture and will fluctuate at the beginning and end of the mixtures life.

3) If you were to do an inline reactor with DIY CO2 you wouldn't want to turn it off at night. This is commonly done with pressurized systems because you are able to turn the CO2 off in a pressurized system. In a DIY system the CO2 would continue to be produced through the night and create a large bubble in your reactor that would most likely be a problem when you turned your pump back on in the morning.

Good luck
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