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"Tranquility" Mark's 90 gal Corner Bow

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Hello to everyone here at APC. I have visited this site quite often but have been more active on TPT. I thought it was time to display my tank here and get more ideas and suggestions from the hobbiest here at APC. Thank you in advance for viewing.

This tank is a 90gal Corner Bowfront. The tank was a very low light, low tech tank last year and over the New Years Hoilday I combined my 55gal and this tank into one. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the year

Over last weekend, I tore out all my plants, re-did the background, cleaned all filter tubes, raised the lights higher above the tank and then re-scaped the tank.
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Very nice. The panoramic sort of view it gives is very cool. I did not realize they made that big of a corner bow front. You mention it is low light, what lights are you running over it? Also what ferts and CO2 are you using. I am already jealous but if that is a Walstad type setup and it looks that good I quit. ;)
Sorry...should have clarified better. It was a low light until I re-did it over New Years. Now it is high light with 4x65 CF 6700/10000k bulbs running for 7 hours and 2x65 10000k running for a 3hr burst in the afternoon. I am running pressurized CO2 with a dual bubble counter with 1 line running to a rex style reactor and the other I use a GLA splitter that goes to 2 diffusers. Also I am running 2 Fluval 404 filters, a 300watt Hydor inline heater and a 9watt UV Sterilizer. I use EI method of dosing with 50% water changes every week. I am also using Eco-Complete substrate.

I had to look up Walstad because I didn't know what you meant so I quess to answer your question that no it is not a Walstad setup.
Very nice tank and now I don't have to quit planted tanks. :D I thought if you were able to achieve that look in a tank with a Walstad approach with low light, little to no ferts or CO2 etc I needed to find another hobby because I stink at this one. :p
1 - 2 of 69 Posts
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