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"Tranquility" Mark's 90 gal Corner Bow

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Hello to everyone here at APC. I have visited this site quite often but have been more active on TPT. I thought it was time to display my tank here and get more ideas and suggestions from the hobbiest here at APC. Thank you in advance for viewing.

This tank is a 90gal Corner Bowfront. The tank was a very low light, low tech tank last year and over the New Years Hoilday I combined my 55gal and this tank into one. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the year

Over last weekend, I tore out all my plants, re-did the background, cleaned all filter tubes, raised the lights higher above the tank and then re-scaped the tank.
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Nice scape! I have a 54G corner, and those corner tanks are difficult to scape (and light). You did a nice job. I love the rainbows too!
Great scape! I'm hoping my corner 54G will turn out as well!
Looking great! I'm glad everything survived thru your vacation.
1 - 3 of 69 Posts
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