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"Tranquility" Mark's 90 gal Corner Bow

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Hello to everyone here at APC. I have visited this site quite often but have been more active on TPT. I thought it was time to display my tank here and get more ideas and suggestions from the hobbiest here at APC. Thank you in advance for viewing.

This tank is a 90gal Corner Bowfront. The tank was a very low light, low tech tank last year and over the New Years Hoilday I combined my 55gal and this tank into one. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the year

Over last weekend, I tore out all my plants, re-did the background, cleaned all filter tubes, raised the lights higher above the tank and then re-scaped the tank.
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Sorry...should have clarified better. It was a low light until I re-did it over New Years. Now it is high light with 4x65 CF 6700/10000k bulbs running for 7 hours and 2x65 10000k running for a 3hr burst in the afternoon. I am running pressurized CO2 with a dual bubble counter with 1 line running to a rex style reactor and the other I use a GLA splitter that goes to 2 diffusers. Also I am running 2 Fluval 404 filters, a 300watt Hydor inline heater and a 9watt UV Sterilizer. I use EI method of dosing with 50% water changes every week. I am also using Eco-Complete substrate.

I had to look up Walstad because I didn't know what you meant so I quess to answer your question that no it is not a Walstad setup.
Very nice tank and now I don't have to quit planted tanks. :D I thought if you were able to achieve that look in a tank with a Walstad approach with low light, little to no ferts or CO2 etc I needed to find another hobby because I stink at this one. :p
You are still safe. Just keep at it!
Great looking tank.
Thanks! I spend alot of time on it.
This tank is amazing! Did you purchase those Bosemani at their full grown size, I rarely see them that large! Would you mind giving us a rundown of your plants?
Thank you for the kind words! I did not purchase the rainbows full grown. They were about 1 1/2" long when I got them from my lfs. It has been fun watching them get bigger and their color is amazing.
Here is a list of plants I currently have in the tank. I will try and get a list of fauna later.
Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'
Bacopa Colorata
Blyxa Aubertii
Blyxa Japonica
Cabomba Furcata
Creeping Jenny
Hemianthus Micranthemoides (Pearlweed)
Limnophila Aromatica
Limnophila sp
Limnophila sp Mini
Lindernia sp.'India'
Ludwigia Brevipes
Ludwigia Inclinata
Pogostemon Yatabeana
Rotala Colorata
Rotala Rotundifolia
Elatine Triandra
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Nice scape! I have a 54G corner, and those corner tanks are difficult to scape (and light). You did a nice job. I love the rainbows too!
Thx krisw! The hardest thing I have yet to accomplish is getting good flow everywhere in the tank. The way it is shaped makes it difficult. Also I had to get creative on the lighting, but the corner bows are very nice.
This is a great looking corner tank. Plants and fish all look so happy :)

As always...thx O for the encouraging words! If you look hard enough in the center by the DW, you can see several stems of the bacopa colorata you gave me starters of. I did have a bunch of stems but then I had a real bad algae issue and had to get rid of half of them. They are on the mend now and looking better.
I am so encouraged by all your wonderful comments. Thank you all! Here is a list of fauna as promised..

(1) Angelfish
(1) Angelicus Botia Loach
(1) Bala Shark
(1) CAE
(1) Pencil Fish
(1) Pictus Catfish
(9) Cardinal Tetras
(11) Rummynose Tetras
(15) Harlequin Rasboras
(2) Clown Loaches (My first fish I bought in Jan. 2005)
(1) Rainbow Shark
(2) SAE's
(3) Otocinclus Catfish
(5) Black Skirt Tetras (My first fish I bought in Jan. 2005)
(5) Boesemani Rainbows
(5) Black Neon Tetras
(6) Black Phantom Tetras
(6) Lohachata Botia (YoYo) Loach
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I did some testing of my water tonight and thought I would post it here so I have record of it.

Phosphates 10+
Nitrates-Between 40 & 80

CO2 (based on KH & PH) 60ppm
Can anyone determine from my tests, why my red plants are not very red? Is my nitrates to high? I am also getting GSA all over and I thought the one thing to do is raise phosphate levels....well you see my phosphate test. Could me running a 9watt UV Sterilizer 24/7 cause this?
An update to what is going on. I had alot of light coming out into the living room from the lights and wanted something to block that so I am in the process of making this....

I still need to cut some small end pieces and stain it yet but hope to get that done this weekend. Here are some other pics...

Updated tank pic...

and my anglefish wanted to be photographed. He was following me back and forth while I was trying to take pics

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I love it! :)
Thx O!

Oh..and by the way, if anyone is wondering how I get in there to feed the fish, I just take out this front section that slides in place. (Crappy pic but you get the idea)

Also, when I have to trim plants, I can just lift the whole thing out of the brackets that is holding it in place. It is not that heavy.
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I finished up the top for around my Aquarium and I am pleased with the result..

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Before vacation

After vacation

After trim a couple of days ago
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First off thank you all for the wonderful comments.

I thought I would give a small update. Not much has changed. Awaiting for the Rotala Rotundafolia to grow out. The L. Cuba is growing very well and my Bacopa Colorata is about ready for a trim. The ET (Elatine Triandra) is growing like a weed but I love it for my foreground plant. So here is a pic..

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Bratyboy....Please don't be envious, but I am glad you like it. [smilie=u:

Hooha...First off, thanks for moving the thread over here to the journal section. Second, thx for the comments. I really think it is weird that I get more positive comments on my rainbows but my wife don't like them.

Tex Gal....Thank you so much for the positive comments!
I am always worried when we leave on vacation for a week, that something will go wrong and I will lose all my fish or plants and all that hard work will be gone like that.
A small update...Did a trim and some cleaning over the weekend to get ready for some Dipilis Diandra and Ludwigia Arcuata that will be coming this week. I pulled out my Blyxa A. that was in the back and cleaned it up good and pulled the bad leaves off. Those things get so much stuff in them. I also rearrange some of the DW, but I still need to trim my Limnophilia SP in the back right and waiting for my L. Cuba to grow out. I had a small mishap with the CO2 last week that left 1 dead which was unfortunatly one of my rainbows but everyone else pulled thru. Here are some pics to enjoy...

Before the trim

After the trim

One of my beautiful Rainbows

My Bacopa Colorata that is finally looking healthy
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Looking great! I'm glad everything survived thru your vacation.
Thx kris, me too! :whoo:
Looking good! Sorry to hear about the loss of the rainbow and thanks for taking a close-up shot of one of them, it really is stunning. Where on earth are you going to put more plants?! ;)
I actually made some space over the weekend for these plants. I put together a pic of what I am thinking.

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