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"Tranquility" Mark's 90 gal Corner Bow

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Hello to everyone here at APC. I have visited this site quite often but have been more active on TPT. I thought it was time to display my tank here and get more ideas and suggestions from the hobbiest here at APC. Thank you in advance for viewing.

This tank is a 90gal Corner Bowfront. The tank was a very low light, low tech tank last year and over the New Years Hoilday I combined my 55gal and this tank into one. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the year

Over last weekend, I tore out all my plants, re-did the background, cleaned all filter tubes, raised the lights higher above the tank and then re-scaped the tank.
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I love it! :)
Thx O!

Oh..and by the way, if anyone is wondering how I get in there to feed the fish, I just take out this front section that slides in place. (Crappy pic but you get the idea)

Also, when I have to trim plants, I can just lift the whole thing out of the brackets that is holding it in place. It is not that heavy.
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I finished up the top for around my Aquarium and I am pleased with the result..

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what an amazing tank!!!!!
corners are difficult to light and scape, nice job dood!
Great scape! I'm hoping my corner 54G will turn out as well!

Before vacation

After vacation

After trim a couple of days ago
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Beautiful! I think this is probably my favorite tank journal right now. It really lives up to its name. You make me want to "go bow!"
Oh my gosh! I love your tank and rainbows, I've tried to decorate several corner tanks, they were nothing like this. :thumbsup:
First off thank you all for the wonderful comments.

I thought I would give a small update. Not much has changed. Awaiting for the Rotala Rotundafolia to grow out. The L. Cuba is growing very well and my Bacopa Colorata is about ready for a trim. The ET (Elatine Triandra) is growing like a weed but I love it for my foreground plant. So here is a pic..

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i envy you
oooh, rainbows :) Nice setup, it's filling in quite well!
Loving this tank! Love the scape and the fish! What a fantastic job!
Bratyboy....Please don't be envious, but I am glad you like it. [smilie=u:

Hooha...First off, thanks for moving the thread over here to the journal section. Second, thx for the comments. I really think it is weird that I get more positive comments on my rainbows but my wife don't like them.

Tex Gal....Thank you so much for the positive comments!
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