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"Tranquility" Mark's 90 gal Corner Bow

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Hello to everyone here at APC. I have visited this site quite often but have been more active on TPT. I thought it was time to display my tank here and get more ideas and suggestions from the hobbiest here at APC. Thank you in advance for viewing.

This tank is a 90gal Corner Bowfront. The tank was a very low light, low tech tank last year and over the New Years Hoilday I combined my 55gal and this tank into one. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the year

Over last weekend, I tore out all my plants, re-did the background, cleaned all filter tubes, raised the lights higher above the tank and then re-scaped the tank.
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This is one of my favorite tanks. It's not very often you see a bow front well done. I just love your tank! I imagine it's just a knock-out in person! You need my 125g!!! Too bad you're not local!
If I were local, that tank would be gone! I so want a 125 gal tank and when I saw you were selling yours, for the price you are selling it for well....](*,)

Also, thank you so much for the kind words. It has been difficult figuring out where to place things and I do like the rectangular tanks better but this tank has been an adventure. The thing I hate most about this tank is trying to get good flow to the whole tank because of it's shape. My plans are to get a 125 gal tank someday and this 90 gal will become a saltwater, coral tank.
An update.....things are going well. Plants are healthy, fish are doing well. I added (4) Tiger loaches to the tank and like most loaches, they are fun to watch. At first, they didn't come out much but they seem to be getting used to me now when I come up to the tank. Here are a few pics from about a week ago...

One of my Congo Tetras
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Stunning aquarium! Highly inspirational.

Thank you for sharing.
I love this journal. I hope that when I start planting, mine will look half as good as this.
Of all the tanks I've set up in my life, the bows are by far the most difficult and challenging to light, design flow & scape. You have done a fantastic job. I love reading through your thread!
Very nice tank. Full of great fish! its got to be pretty fun to watch.

Maybe your plants arent redder because NO3 is really high (from the high bioload?). But to be honest...... the colors are just fine. It looks great as it is and everyone is healthy, so alles good.
Thank you and I am so glad you are inspired by it.

Random Addem
Such kind words and I am sure yours will look great!

This tank has truly been a challenge that is for sure! Thx for the encouragment :)

It is very relaxing to sit and watch all the activity and I have resigned to what you said and that is if the plants are healthy and the fish are healthy then it good!

Thx to all for such positive comments on my tank. I not only strive to create a beautiful aquarium for me to enjoy but to try an inspire others in the hobby or to get people to start in the hobby.
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