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I am not very knowledgable about treating fish ailments (fortunately the need has not arisen) but one thing I remember reading once was the use of Hydrogen peroxide. Slightly warmer temps and the caustic effect of the peroxide aparently was very detrimental to the ich itself. Sounded like it iritated the ich on the fish so that it would detach where it died in the substrate. My understanding was that ich cannont last very long away from the host. Possibly removing the affected fish for quarantine and treatment and then a 2H2O treatment of the tank would help eradicate any free ich there before they find new hosts. I don't know how the H peroxide would affect your "algae" plants. Can the wood or rocks with it be removed to a seperate bucket or something for treatment. If its algae the peroxide might hurt it but I am sure it would survive quite nicely many other conditions;)

Hope that was atleast moderatly helpful, remember I have not tried this so.....
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