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Truth about Green Dust Algae?

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Truth About Green Dust Algae?

My recent experience with GDA leads me to believe that no one knows definitely how to put an end to GDA. That’s ok, it’s a living thing and that makes it complex enough that I can appreciate that it doesn’t fall into the Easy category. Shame on me for thinking, it's a problem (like a flat tire) and I just want instructions on how to fix it.

So, shouldn't we just admit that we don’t know how to get rid of it.

What is the most accurate statement that we can make about GDA?

a. We (the aquarium hobbyist) fully understand the factors that cause GDA and know how to get rid of it. A specific set of directions, if followed will be successful in defeating GDA, 100% guaranteed.

b. We fully understand the factors that cause GDA and know how to get rid of it, but only under certain specific situations and conditions.

c. We do not fully understand the factors that cause GDA, but can offer some suggestions that may or may not work. Successful solutions vary. What works for one individual will not work for everyone.

d. We do not understand the factors that cause GDA and accept that you may not be able to defeat GDA. The best you can hope for is to control GDA by vigilant cleaning and good housekeeping. It is not known why GDA eventually goes away. It appears that it either dies or goes into long dormant states. Neither of which happens as a result of anything that you do.
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I'm not sure which green algae is on (some) of my plants. All I know is that it is green. I also cut back on duration and cut out my midday burst. It has helped a bit.
Rub a leave that has it between your fingers. If it's slimy it's likely not GDA and could be a type of BGA (cyanobacteria).
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