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I guess I go with the "c" option. I mean you can wipe off all you want but it doesn't guarantee it won't come back. :-k
I myself got some of it in my Low Tech tank. I read somewhere that you should wait for it to end its life cycle. In other words it dies on its own. So I did that plus I added more plants. In 3 weeks, the entire green thing turned white. I decided to wipe it off. I dunno if it died on its own or if the extra plants helped but it has been 2 weeks and it hasn't come back.

I am not too paranoid if it does come back. I mean I do clean my tank every couple of weeks, removing debris and whatnot. Doing a bit of wiping is not that bad. At least it's not as hard to remove as BGA, GSA or BBA. Now those are real nightmarish...
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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