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I'm trying my hand at aquascaping for the first time. I usually go with the jungle type because it's easy and low maintenance, but I want something guest will love when they come over. I've never used Manzanita wood before so I'm excited.

I'm planning on ordering more wood as these pieces were a bit smaller than expected. I also need to get more sand to build a small slope on the left side of the tank. Not sure if the BDBS will keep it's shape so I'll probably have to use dividers. I will check the local store to see what rocks they have.

I have plenty of crypts left over from when I tore the previous tank down, so I need to figure out how to incorporate them into the scape. Maybe I can plant them between the rocks to fill in space?
I'm wanting to try my hand at high tech this time. I have the fertilizers, CO2 system, and lighting (I think), so i just need the plants. I currently have a 4 bulb Catalina Aquarium fixture and a Finnex planted plus, but I'm thinking of getting a hydroponic fixture since they seem to provide more light (better ballast?). Before I get a new light fixture, I will need to find a hanging kit that will attach to the tank since I can't hang from the roof. I'm hoping such an item exist. That would also let me adjust the high of the fixture to control light intensity. I need new T5HO bulbs as mine are 3 years old. I would love to add a color combination that would give great colors. Maybe a red bulb that I've seen used on this site.

I need to put together a plant list too. I would really love to add red plants this time around.

I'm a full-time student so I'm working with a student budget. I'm limited to what I can purchase per week unless I want to eat ramen. I need to fix the power cord to the CO2 system that the cat chewed up.

I visited the local pet store to purchase stones, they didn't have much to select from, they did have dragon stone. Might order online or visit a landscaping store for rocks.

I haven't settled 100% on a layout yet, but I have found many inspiring tanks on this forum to learn from.

I need to put together a plant list.

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Don't forget - this is a hobby, so it is supposed to be fun! Enjoy your new aquascape and make it look like you want it to. You can always change it if it doesn't.

I think your Manzanita is about the right size as it is, but that is just a personal preference.
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