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I'm trying to find an attractive, inexpensive stand for my 10 gallon tank. The tank is going in our living room, so I'd rather not go the cheap and ugly iron route. I'm a fan of the ADA style tanks, but don't have the tools or means to build one myself. I'd prefer an enclosed stand so I can put the Eheim filter in a cabinet and keep it hidden.

My problem is, finding places to buy stands is as difficult as finding the right stand. Petco/Petsmart are clueless and their stock is poor to say the least. There are very few online options either, and the LFS's are too small to have a large selection.

I've thought about maybe trying to DIY some sort of enclosure for an iron stand, maybe out of wood or maybe just cloth?

The only other option is to get one custom made, which might be expensive.

What have you guys done in the past? Any ideas?
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