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My Arcuata also has the same problem and got the following answer from

See this link for full help


Adding the PO4 will help to some degree with the reds.

It did best for me with hard water.
I had to keep relatively high NO3 also.
It will grow very fast if you take care of and give it some room.

I had it as the main feature in a tank.
I made it turn blood red after running the growth rate up and then letting the NO3 fall for 3 days(just added lots of CO2, light, traces, PO4 and K, NO3).

This brought out the reds some.

Thing is, a red plants is generally a stressed plant, a green one is happier growing plants.

But we do Bonsai as well, so we like to torture plants I guess, I suppose if we cut the legs of critters people would think us sick.

Different attitudes certainly.

Tom Barr


hope it helps
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