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two 65w CF bulbs over a 24" tall tank?

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I'm going to be growing low to moderate light plants in my 120g, mainly along the back of the tank so that the front is kept open.

I know the light is not enough to grow plants all over the tank, but is it enough to have an 'island' of sorts along the back of the tank?

I'm planning on crypt retro. and spiralis, giant hygro, various anubias and moss, and needle leaf Jfern.

I've thought about adding a t5HO fixture to the front of the tank, or using the t5HO in the back, and moving the CF fixture to the front.
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Thank you for the help :)

So what about a 2x 96w fixture?

It's shortert, only 36", but the hygro would do well under that right?
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