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Two Announcements

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We're pleased to announce two more upcoming developments at APC.

The first will be a long-expected Update to the Fertilator.

The second will be a return to the Tank of the Month Series.

One of our members, Tropism, has been working on the Fertilator for several weeks now. The known "bugs" have been fixed and several new commerical fertilizers have been added to the drop-down menus. Look for the new version to be uploaded to the server in the next week or two.

The July edition of the TOTM is currently in development and will be released shortly.
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Great to here I love the TOTM. Really awesome ideas to choose from.
sweet! While we are on the fixing spree - you think we can have the itrader fixed as well? (still unable to insert thread in the appropriate space).
Now I gotta get serious about getting these tanks back together to try and get a TOTM
the only thing that seems to be doing exceptionally well in my tank are the algies!
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