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Two questions: CO2 and Plants

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Where do you guys get all of your plants. I see a lot of plants but my LFS doesnt have many and PETCO has only a few actual aquatic plants, and I want to get specific plants. Online? Ebay? Liveaquaria? Other users on here?

Also, if I want to Hide CO2 going into a tank, if I place it into the sump will this work? Not work? Work but not as well?
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Hi--best bet on the plants is in the For Sale forum here (or on other similar sites). Lots of good deals and I've been very pleased with those I have bought here.

Also, you can check the sponsor list on this site--a few sell plants.

Good luck,

Ditto. The best plants I've found were here on this site. If you don't see one in the sale forum that you want, you find a member who has it and see if they can tell you where to get some (most times they'll give/sell you some themselves) . If there is an aquatic club in your area, join it.

CO2 into the sump could work if there is no surface agitation in it. Otherwise, you'll de-gas the sump of CO2 before anything gets to your tank. You could try a "DIY reactor" to go inline with a canister filter for better results and still a hidden system.

In most cases I think it best to buy plants from someone near your state or country. If I see a deal on EBay I buy it, even if it is over seas. These are the 1s I have bought plants from: Ph: 813-621-4213

cah925 [email protected]
Member here, whom has sent me more that said would 2xs.
His plants are grown with Co2 thus need ferts to adjust to non Co2 tanks.

bought anubias
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Where are you located?
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This forum is the best place to buy from. You can get a starter package or find individual species from individuals. You'll never find the diverse selection anywhere that you will find here. Prices are good, shipping is cheap and usually portions are extremely generous. :D
Hi MonopolyBag,

I have used three sources for plants so far: LFS (three in my area typically have a good selection); the annual GSAS plant auction (local aquarium/fish clubs can be an excellent source of plants and information); and the APC "For Sale or Trade" forum on this site. I have been checking our sponsor, the Aqua Botanic site, but have not purchased there yet.
Awesome sounds good. I am getting into planted tanks more and am looking for specific species, well I will be soon, I have designs worked out that require specific plants.

And about CO2 in sump? I understand how you could lose it , any other ways to hide it?
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