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U.V. Sterilizers - What to Watch For?

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A week ago I added a CO2 injection system to my 60 gallon planted tank (about 1 bubble per second under mid to high light). After five days I noticed that the water had turned green. At the LFS yesterday I picked up a U.V. Sterilizer which I understand should be able to get the green water under control.

What I'm wondering is if there is anything I need to be aware of or watch for with the U.V. Sterilizer. For example, is it going to kill "good" things as well as "bad?" How can I keep an eye out for problems?
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I had issues w/ green water in my 90g and used a UV sterilizer (9W turbo twist) which cleared it up very quickly.

Later I removed it and the tank was green water-free for many months.

Recently after doing a big re-scape and disturbing the substrate a huge amount green water began to develop again. I have since re-attached the UV sterilizer (in-line) and have decided to run it continually.

I do not believe it kills any other algae than free-floating but it is also supposed to kill free-floating parasite--if you have the flow rate set such that the residence time of the water in the sterilizer is sufficient.

From reading threads here I believe many people run these continually without issue.

Good luck!

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Each UV sterilizer model specifies the flow rates needed to kill different things in the water. Larger units can handle higher flows.

I have mine plumbed into my Magnum 350. When I am using the micron filter cartridge the flow rate drops off as the cartidge gets plugged--and the UV light becomes more efficient.
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