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Hello i am new to planed aquariums and i have to say i am addicted already some if you guys have awesome aquascapes.i really didn't think there was so much involved from the equipment tp the focal point in aquascaping and this it what i like about it its like a art.well anyway i just setup a 75gallon and im am usung a aqua 8watt ultraviolet sterilier and i see that it lowers the nutrients in my tank how often should i keep it on hrs or keep it off for days and just run it maybe a day or 2 after water changes. i hate to be wasting nutrient does anyone use a uv with there tanks can u help me out

75/gal/eheim2026/aqua8watt uv/coralife 4 65watt/pressurized co2

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Use it the day of the water change(right after for about 24 hours or so).

I typically will dose the macros on the water change day, then the traces the follwoing day. This routine would work fine if you believe that UV's unchelate the Fe, Mn etc.

I've never seen much significant differences with UV's vs none. I've used them for about 20 years and grown plants with traces for 12, so I would not worry about it eitherway.
I used UV's for algal studies.

Tom Barr
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