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Unnamed plant

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I found this plant at the lfs. It was not named and the employee didn't know what it is. I thought someone here would probably know.

These pics were taken initially but I have since planted them in the substrate. The tallest one is about 4" tall at the highest point.
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I'm wondering if it could be an immersed version of an amazon sword. Here at work, and can't seem to get a good look at what you have....but it does look like you have an emporer filter in your tank = )

ANy chance of getting a close up of the leaf?
I can get a close up of the leaf tonight if needed.

Yes I do have an Emperor 400 on the tank :D
I googled it and some of the pics look just like mine so we may have a winner. :clap2:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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