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In the past, many of you have participated in supporting APC financially. Those contributions helped purchase Internet bandwidth and keep the software up do date. A huge THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has contributed. Your donations made a large difference and will not be forgotten.

Those who contributed in the past earned a "Supporting Member" title under their name. At one point, making a donation also gave users access to the "Petz" feature that some members still have. At this time, APC is pleased to announce that donations from members will no longer be solicited.

APC's new owners have made it clear that the most meaningful contribution from the forum members should come from interesting discussion, answers to other's questions, participation in contests, and general promotion of the hobby. Becoming a part of CrowdGather's forum network gives us a few little perks. Financial stability is one of them.

At some point in the near future you'll notice that the "Supporting Member" label may be removed. Rest assured that members who contribute to the community will always be appreciated.
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