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Hello All, in the seven years we have made it a priority to never ship any aquarium plant that was not of the utmost quality. And in seven years we have never shipped a less than quality plant. We are sometimes not the fastest, however aquarium plant selection for quality, availabilty of quality, and choosing aquarium plants that fit the customers aquarium all play a part in order to fullfillment time. Aquarium plants are live entities and as such require time and attention to have the reserves and beauty that we strive for, for our customers. Our commitment to our customers is to not only sell them the aquarum plants, but to educate them on how to keep them healthy and beautiful as well. That of course allows this wonderful hobby to grow and thrive, which being hobbiests ourselves, is our goal. Call me at 507-331-5801 if you have questions or are new and in need of help. Even if you never ordered from us and are having problems we would like to help you to identify and solve your problem, ie water chemistry, algae, slow growth, etc. I believe this attitude about quality and commitment to our customers is what makes us a unique company. Warm Regards to all, Don Matakis
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