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Ah ok. I used to get this curling leaves with my 170 gallon, 2WPG tank (I know you're running higher), after about a year plus of great growth and no change in fert regime. I suspected a depleted substrate too.

Ca/Mg deficiency didn't apply. My GH built up to 18dGH at one point.

I tried the K blocks Ca/Mg theory. Cut a long story short... it didn't work. Mg interfere with Ca? Tried it, but not that either.

Then I read about ppl with similar symptoms solving the problem with traces. That solved it for me. I started dosing traces in addition to TMG's recommended dosage. The leaves went back to normal.

At that light level, I think you need to up your traces. Maybe you shouldn't worry about the Fe levels yet, just up those traces and see how the plants respond.
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