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Wow, that is surprising, it seems you are doing everything right. My tank right now uses 6WPG, CO2~40ppm, TDS=35ppm, and KH~30ppm. I do not dose anything in the water and I have great growth (you can see pictures in my post in the General Discussion). Since you are dosing in the water column and substrate, I would expect even better growth.

I read through your previous post and there was some discussion on Ca. Initially, in my tank I had some problems that I attribute somewhat to Ca/Mg. I don't know really know if the ratio is important, but I think I had to much Mg relative to Ca. I got to the point where I was depositing calcium tablets in my substrate near the plants. It didn't really help, though. Maybe check out the Ca levels, but Tom will probably have a better answer. Cheers,
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