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Update on my 18 gals. tall

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This is an update on my 18 gals. tall tank installed at work. I seem to be too happy with it and I stare at it too much, so please give me your opinion so I can regain a sense of reality about the tank :)

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Niko -

First I am jealous you have that your office. Talk about a gret way to releave stress throught the day.

Second I think you should be very proud. It's look fantastic and I enjoyed reading the reasons why you added a few of the plants like the difformis and ludwigia.

Keep us updated with pictures. A million times better then mine that is for sure.
Wow, I just love your hardscape! Man, I wish i was able to piece something like this togheter. I always say to myself, no wonder they can make such great aquascapes with that piece of driftwood... But after getting some of the greatest pieces of driftwood I have ever seen, I now know it that to be a bad excuess :roll:
Very nice Niko! I can see why you say you spend so much time looking at it.
OK how do you get any work done with thattank sitting in your view? :)

I just took a close up look at your 18g tall tank. I am really impressed, seeing much potential in the hardscaping and the general design which is slowly maturing. You did a great job considering the height and narrow width of this tank!

Don't slack off on it like with your other designs. ;)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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