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Hey APC staff and members,

As a staff member of APC, I haven’t been too helpful lately reply to new post and other projects. As some of you know I’ve been busy trying to turn my love of Aquascaping hobby into a full time job designing tanks for others.
I also try to help to promote Aquascaping in NYC by partnering up with a LFS in my area to give people a choice besides saltwater and goldfish.
The LFS is a mom and pop store that sells goldfish, arowana, parrotfish and flowerhorns a few months ago. They are the ones that helped me land my 1st customer to design aquascapes for which was the Thai restaurant in my picture gallery.
Now the shop has 4x 30 gal tanks for plants, one for display and the others to sell plants.
More tanks will be converted to plant tanks soon since 50% of the customers are now into plants. The only problem is I can’t keep the moss cover driftwood in the display tank long enough since the owner keeps selling it.
Besides the plant tanks, they also now carry livestock for plant tanks and a large selection of Malaysian driftwood. By the end of this year, they should have the largest selection in NYC.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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