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Would this setup be enough for a 174g/660l tank?

2 Riccia fluitans (test only)
5 Limnophila sessiliflora ambulia
5 Hygrophila polysperma
5 Hyg. polysperma rosanervig
5 Ludwigia repens
5 Rotala rotundifolia
and a good amount of Ceratophyllum demersum & Vesicularia dubyana.

Slow growers:
10 Anubias barteri var. barteri
10 Anubias barteri var. nana
8-10 Microsorum pteropus
5 Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv'
5 Microsorum pteropus ''Narrow''
5 Cryptocoryne beckettii
10 Cryptocoryne wendtii spec
10 Cryptocoryne wendtii brun

I hope that its ok to plant the slow growers in the upstart period too as long as there is enough fast growers.


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Yes, it is fine. You do not necessarily have to plant with full on fast growers. But i would start off with 2wpg, then as your plants root bump it up to as much light as you intend to have. It is the best way of going about things IMO. Nothing will grow fast at 2wpg. Including algae. Once the plants are capable of annihilating Ammonium levels, crank the lighting up tp where you want.
I'd get 4-8x that many plants personally for a 174 gal.
Tom Barr
I agree with Tom. You could be battling green water for quit a while with such a small amount of start-up plants.
I am assuming the stem plants are being sold to you in bunches. That is a lot. I typically will start with 4 bunches of stem plants and maybe 2 types of rosette plants maybe a population of 3-6 and i have not had a problem with algae in any of my 4 recently set up aquariums. I am talking about 70 - 125 gallons aquariums here. 1.94 wpg for the first couple weeks and 2.4 wpg after that. Macros dosed once a week at work and 4 times a week with my personal tanks. Personal tanks typically run in the 3 wpg range

In the past i have had algae problems as Tom knows, but it was not in the beginning stages.

My approach would be to add alot of plants in the beginning and no dosing for the first couple of weeks. Then when they are rooted in, you can remove the excess plants one by one..

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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