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I don't know off of the top of my head the full USDA regulations for aquatic plants but I will track them down at work on Monday and post them or a link.

As for federally listed noxious weeds, I think the regs are that they can't be imported, but if they are already here, the responsibiliy for regulating them should fall on the individual states.

I my state, we have both a noxious weed list, and a quarantine list. Not all the plants on the noxious weed list are on the quarantine list, and the quarantine list is the one that really prohibits the sale and distribution of the plants.

Aside from all the regulations, I beleive we in the aquatic gardening, and acuascaping hobby have a responsibility to how we manage our individual tanks, upon tear down. Even plants that aren't listed as noxious weeds could cause great harm if released into the wild.

If I am not mistaken, a majority of the aquatic submerged plants on my states Noxious Weed List were first brought into the state through the aquarium trade, and at some point, some irresponsible tank owner dumped the plants into the local water body. We need to not only be responsible with how we dispose of our own plants, but we must educate others in the hobby with the proper way to dispose of thier plants.

Dispose them in such a manner so that they will never come in contact with a water body. A good way is to put them in your compost pile. Or just throw them in your garden, they will decompose and all those nutrients you have been putting in your tank will now go into your garden.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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